Vision & Mission

It is pleasure lauching this website. It may look like self promotion to begin with. My long term idea is to introduce myself to people. My introduction can best be given by my creative writings, poems and songs. I also have some academic work to my credit. I want people to know what I am and then go on to talk about my mission.

In my 37 years of government service as an IAS officer and my four years as State Election Commissioner, I have tried doing many projects in different fields. I want to promote some of my projects, especially those I feel passionate about.

One such project which is on hand is Kranti-Jyoti. This is a training programme for elected women representatives (EWRs) at Gram-panchayat level. We have approximately 100,000 EWRs spread all over Maharashtra. Seventy five percent of them are first termers. Their educational levels are not very high. I want to give them necessary confidence and train them for competence in governance. I have named this programme ‘Kranti-Jyoti’ after Late Savitribai Phule who started the first girls school in India in 1848.

We have trained 10,000 EWRs in 10 districts of Maharashtra. Now the programme is taken over by government in Rural Development Department (RDD) for implementation. It will cover whole of Maharashtra under RGPSA Scheme (Rajiv Gandhi Panchayat Sashaktikaran Abhiyan) .

The feedback which I got from these 10,000 trained women was amazing. I want to further empower women both socially as well as economically.

The other mission I have in mind is to develop motivational talks based on my writings. This will be like value education and motivation. It will be useful for college students and corporate employees. The website can be the tool to promote these ideas.

And of course, I want to share my poetry and writings as also the music with my readers.